Frequently Asked Questions

FertilligenceTM was originated by a passionate team of patients like you and healthcare professionals from top academic medical centers and private clinics across the U.S. who saw a real gap in the existing fertility support model. FertilligenceTM is fully owned by Nestlé Health Science, a globally recognized leader in the field of nutritional science, committed to redefining the management of health, headquartered in Switzerland.

According to multiple clinical and real-world evidence studies, a healthy nutrition enriched with appropriate supplements and complemented by proper lifestyle habits can improve overall wellbeing, reduce overall stress, and as a result, better prepare the body and mind to conceive. Even educating yourself on the topic of fertility, as was looked into in a 2-year randomized controlled trial, could be helpful in getting pregnant faster. Our team is processing hundreds of scientific publications, expert reviews, and general knowledge relevant to fertility and your declared conditions to offer you lifestyle modifications that could help enhance your fertility.

We believe that an integrative approach is the most comprehensive way to help you improve your overall health and maximize your chances of getting pregnant. In our integrative approach, you are guided along what we call 11 lifestyle modification pillars. From morning to night, you are empowered to make lifestyle choices that can improve your chances of conception, such as:

  • Manage your weight to your healthiest version
  • Optimize your nutrition
  • Improve your hydration levels
  • Find relevant supplements for you and your partner
  • Come up with the appropriate exercise program
  • Optimize the quality and length of your sleep
  • Manage the emotional rollercoaster of the fertility journey
  • Reduce your stress level
  • Strengthen the connection to your partner
  • Eliminate fertility-damaging toxins from your environment
  • Track the timing and pattern of your cycle and, specifically, ovulation, so you can time intercourse

FertilligenceTM is a patented digital platform designed as a virtual concierge service, available 24/7 from the comfort of your home, to guide you through every step of your personal fertility journey.

At FertilligenceTM we follow 3 principles:

An integrative approach. We believe the most comprehensive way to help you improve your overall health and boost your fertility is by following 11 lifestyle modification pillars.

Personalization. Everyone is unique and has a different story, conditions and circumstances. We want to help you on your specific journey and help you discover what works for you.

  • Our content is tailored to your conditions that you shared with us during the registration process.
  • Our recipes and meal plan selection are based on your preferences, food allergies, weight goals, lifestyle choices and eating habits.
  • Our custom guidelines on supplements are backed by the existing level of research available on the topic.
  • You have control of how you want to interact with the platform: use it at your own pace and self-monitor your progress, or get guidance from our coaches.

Unconditional, 24/7 expert support. You can work with experienced fertility coaches, nutritional specialists and fitness instructors, who guide you through a tailored, integrative fertility support program. We offer step-by-step guidance, emotional support and expert knowledge with empathy and warmth, so you can confidently modify your lifestyle and get support along the way.

Whether you prefer a 1-on-1 session, group class or self-guided program, your options are accessible from any smartphone, tablet or computer. With our 24/7 messaging service, you have someone to turn to whenever you need it.

At FertilligenceTM we combine 3 ingredients to get you results faster: integrative approach (striving to improve your fertility from many possible angles) + personalization + expert support. We provide tools, personalized guidelines and support so you can educate yourself and make modifications to your lifestyle as fast or as slow as you want. By implementing our guidelines and creating new habits you will be able to improve your overall health and, hopefully, improve your chances of conceiving faster.

The speed at which you see results depends on many factors, so it is difficult to predict an exact timeframe. While some of the results can be immediate, like feeling more optimistic or eliminating toxins in your environment, others might take longer, like getting to a healthy weight or conceiving.

We know that solid changes do not happen overnight and building new habits takes time. This is why we propose that you approach this as a 3-6 month journey, not a sprint.

FertilligenceTM might be able to help you if you are actively trying to conceive and if you do not have a known medical condition that permanently impairs your fertility. It might be a good fit for you if you are eager to take control of your fertility journey and willing to make some lifestyle modifications that may lead to better health and, as a result, higher chances of conceiving. We advise you to consult with your healthcare provider if known lifestyle modifications could be helpful in your case.

Although the FertilligenceTM guidelines have been designed to optimize your fertility naturally, it can also be helpful to optimize your health and egg/sperm quality for IVF, IUI or other ART forms. Just make sure you let us know what your plans are (in the surveys you fill out when you register) and we will tailor our program and guidelines to your situation. Your fertility coach will also help you prepare for your specific procedure and select the lifestyle modification pillars that are priority for you following the recommendations of your healthcare professional.

We believe in personalization, so we offer various ways to control your membership. We have several packages you can select from as a starting point. All of them offer access to the platform content, tools, eStore and messaging services. The difference is in the number and duration of 1:1 and group live sessions with coaches. You can upgrade or downgrade your package from month to month. And, if you need to add a live session ad-hoc you can do that too at any point.

Our fertility coaches are experts at helping couples navigate their fertility journeys. Your fertility coach will dive into your specific situation, help you identify your priorities, create a personalized fertility-boosting program and find practical ways to implement our guidelines into your daily life routines.

Our bodies need certain vitamins and minerals to stay healthy and function properly, which includes our reproductive functions. Research shows that a Mediterranean-style diet has been generally associated with enhanced fertility. In order to promote good health, it is recommended to follow a diet rich in whole, unprocessed foods such as vegetables, fruits, whole grains, and healthy fats. Research also supports including fish, poultry, eggs, dairy, beans, and legumes in the diet, while limiting the intake of red meat and avoiding processed, packaged snack foods and other convenience items.

Our FertilligenceTM recipes and meal plans are fully aligned with these principles and are further personalized to your eating habits, food preferences, allergies, lifestyle choices and weight management goals.

FertilligenceTM offers tailored content and tips that are specific to you and your conditions, so what is relevant for you might not necessarily be relevant for your partner. Additionally, each lifestyle modification pillar offers you the opportunity to track your progress. The fertility tracker across all pillars is individual to one person and will only be relevant to the account holder.

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