Fertilligence Featured on "Modern Living with Kathy Ireland"

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Fertilligence Featured on “Modern Living with Kathy Ireland”

Evgueni Malikov, the Head of Fertilligence, discusses the revolutionary app with Kathy Ireland

Modern Living with Kathy Ireland
Fertilligence Segment
Airdate: Jan 21, 2021

Kathy Ireland:

Welcome to the show. I’m Kathy Ireland. Approximately six million people in the United States struggle with infertility. That’s about 1 in every 10 couples, and there’s no one-size-fits-all solution to help those interested in being parents overcome the obstacles preventing them from conceiving. Today, we’re joined by the Head of Fertilligence, Evgueni Malikov, to discuss his company’s revolutionary, integrative approach to fertility assistance that emphasizes personalization. Welcome, Evgueni.

Evgueni Malikov:

Thank you so much for having me here.

Kathy Ireland:

Well, Evgueni, tell us, why is Fertilligence the fertility support the world has been waiting for?

Evgueni Malikov:

We probably need to look at that through the eyes of the couples facing fertility issues. As we all know, infertility is not a subject that we’ve traditionally taught in schools. So, nowadays more than ever, couples delay family planning well into their 30s. So when a couple suddenly has a difficulty getting pregnant and does a quick Google search, it will find out that the American Society for Reproductive Medicine recommends that a woman consults a healthcare provider if she’s been trying to conceive for more than 12 months, for women under 35 years old. And it is the number of over six months for those over 35 years old. So, it goes without saying that many struggling couples would simply follow the guidance and keep trying for a minimum of six to 12 months without being alarmed. And many, to be honest, will go on for years.

Evgueni Malikov:

We help clients to take control of their infertility rollercoaster, and to put the support system in place to chart their own fertility journey on their own terms. So we offer what we call a virtual concierge service available 24/7, to support our clients through every step of the fertility journey. It is a solution backed by the latest research and technology, offering an integrative, lifestyle-first approach, content, tools, and also access to expert fertility nutrition and fitness coaches. So we offer all of that personalized lifestyle changes backed by research across 11 lifestyle categories. And, we help our clients, most importantly, to integrate those changes, small changes sometimes, but important changes, into their daily routines. So to maximize their chances of getting pregnant naturally.

Kathy Ireland:

So, Evgueni, would you say that Fertilligence is not a product, so much as an interactive experience?

Evgueni Malikov:

I think it is both, but probably the best way to describe Fertilligence is to say that it is a human-centric research power, and then technology-enabled concierge service. So, our clients get access to what looks like a rather simple app. So the app monitors the client engagement, such as what was the last video that you watched? Were you interested in exercises versus meal plan? And accumulate the data, process the data, and report that information back to the fertility coaches, so they can intervene and course correct our clients when the time comes.

Sonia Ribas:

Someone experiencing infertility might truly benefit from a fertility coach. So, a fertility coach is usually someone with combined training in nutrition, health coaching, psychology, and hormonal health that can help navigate the journey to conceiving a baby. Fertility coach provides insights based on individual circumstances and helps address all the lifestyle modification factors that have an impact in your fertility, not just by educating you, but also holding your hand through your transformation, making sure you’re making real changes one step at a time, so you can get closer to achieving your goals.

Dr. Felice Gersh:

Fertilligence blends the lifestyle coaching that infertility couples really need, the support they need, along with easy to access science-based information on the field of fertility. There are a host of articles, along with webinars, and a great deal of nutritional advice, incorporating menu planning and an array of recipes. By blending the support and the science in an easy to understand and accessed way, all infertility couples are supported in their health journey to achieve what they’re desiring: a healthy baby.

Kathy Ireland:

Evgueni, you mentioned that lifestyle modifications are a big part of the Fertilligence program. What are some of the changes that can help with fertility?

Evgueni Malikov:

This is one of the questions that we’ve been asked though very often because lifestyle choices and modifications are really at the core of what we do. There are 11 main factors that we work with. Maintaining or helping to achieve a healthy weight, optimizing nutrition, choosing and delivering appropriate exercise programs, improving the quality and length of sleep. Eliminating fertility damaging toxins from the environment. Managing the emotional roller coaster and the reducing stress level. Strengthening connection with a partner. Identifying suitable vitamins and minerals based on existing evidence, maintaining hydration level, tracking ovulation and sperm count. These are just a few to mention.

Kathy Ireland:

Right, and now are these modifications geared toward natural conception only? Or can they be helpful alongside in vitro fertilization and other assisted reproductive technology?

Evgueni Malikov:

We try to tailor our approach to the individual needs of our clients. Some of them are undergoing IVF. Some of them are trying to conceive naturally. In all those cases, we could be helpful. So we actually do support both models.

Kathy Ireland:

Excellent. Evgueni, thank you so much for joining us today and sharing with us all about this powerful work you’re doing. Thank you.

Evgueni Malikov:

Thank you, Kathy, for the invitation. It was great to be here.

Kathy Ireland:

And thank you for watching. I’m Kathy Ireland.

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